Types of Access Control Systems For Automated Gates

Types of Access Control Systems For Automated Gates

The demand for electric gate operators in Miami increases every day as people have started installing automated gates for their properties. Automatic gates are subject to wear and tear, so regular maintenance is paramount. You must practice preventive measures and proper maintenance for the gate’s longevity. Depending on the usage frequency and traffic, you must select the appropriate entrance for the property.

Automated gates have different functionalities, security systems, and access control systems. The maintenance cost depends on the complexity of the access systems and access control systems. Access systems are available for the individual residence, multi-residence, and business purposes. You can avail yourself of 30,000 local codes and 60,000 non-local codes for the respective property.

Hardware Options: You can get additional sharp cameras to capture minute details like number plates for multiple entrance views. You can also get solar-powered kits that have power backup. And you can also have expansion panels for the pedestrian gate and pool entrance. 

  • Smartphone Applications (APP)
  • Access System Connectivity
  • Access System Administrative Portals
  • Property Manager with Multi-Functionalities for Multi-Residence and Business Access Systems

Types of Access Control System

Cipher Systems: Special authentication system, accessible only through PIN or a specific combination, known only to the user.

Access Control Reader: You will need an access card or proximity key free-on-board (FOB) access number to enter the property’s premises.

Telephone Entry: The main entry point and residents are connected using a telephone network. A card, keypads, or transmitters can be used to gain access to enter. Special software is used to manage the authentication process of the visitors. It also helps visitors make phone calls inside the residents to gain access to the premises.

Photo or Live-Video Streaming: Undoubtedly, the most secure access control system allows the user to take visuals of the visitor and have two-way communication for authentication.

Conclusion: Hence, these are the access control systems for automated gates. Nowadays, most automated gates have smartphone accessibility via special applications. You can also search for entry phone system repair in Miami to get more information on the usage and maintenance of these automated gates.