Why Gated Communities Should install Barrier arms for Enhanced Security

Why Gated Communities Should install Barrier arms for Enhanced Security

Gated communities aim to provide enhanced security and privacy for residents. Installing barrier arms at entrance gates is an effective way to further improve security. Barrier arms, also called boom gates, are horizontal bars that block vehicle access when lowered. There are several reasons why barrier arms are beneficial additions to gated communities.

Limit vehicle access

Barrier arms for gated communities physically restrict unauthorized vehicles from entering the locality. Even if an unauthorized driver sneaks behind another car before the gate closes, the barrier arm will block their path. This adds an extra layer of access control beyond just the entrance gate. The sturdy metal arm is very difficult to bypass unless it malfunctions or breaks from damage.

Deter crime

For potential criminals casing a community for targets, barrier arms present an additional risk and complication. Criminals tend to avoid hardened targets and instead seek easier opportunistic sites. Barrier arms also reduce the likelihood of a criminal tailgating behind another car to gain entrance. The prominence of the barrier arm and its sudden descent also serve as a clear visual deterrent.

Enhanced safety

Barrier arms also promote safety within the gated compound. They help enforce low-speed limits put in place to protect pedestrians and children at play. Drivers must slow down significantly to avoid colliding with the descending arm or getting their vehicles stuck under it. The prominent gate barrier is a constant physical reminder to maintain safe speeds.

Ease in repair

With advanced sliding gate repair services in Miami, communities can also ensure their barrier arms operate reliably. Partnering with experienced access control system contractors is key to properly implementing barrier arm systems.


Installing barrier arms requires a significant initial investment for gated communities. However, the long-term security and safety benefits outweigh the cost. Barrier arms are a highly effective complementary measure when used along with entrance gates.