5 Common problems with Automatic Gates

Gates at the entrance and exit of the building or parking is of paramount importance. They enhance security and provide total control to the property owners to allow the entrance of only the authorised persons. Installing of high-performance security gates like automatic gates is a great way to get assured of high level of security. Installing a CCTV camera at the gate adds to the safety of your home and family.

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Considering the size of the property and security needs, people prefer to purchase sliding gate, swing gate, overhead gate, barrier gate and industrial gates as per the requirements. Here is a quick checklist of some common automatic gate repair Miami issues that needs immediate services from the experts:-

  • Gate opener (remote control) not working

At times, your gate opener may not function properly due to worn out batteries. This would be resolved once you replace the batteries of your gate opener. In case that does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the remote control itself for which you can get all information from your automatic gate installation Miami supplier. 

  • Damaged metal tracks

In an electric sliding gate, metal tracks if they are damaged, clogged or misaligned can cause serious problem and prevent gates from working properly. If your sliding gates need cleaning then you can do it yourself. If the tracks are damaged or misaligned then you need to call experienced technicians of a leading gate repair company.

  • Malfunctioning of Gate Motors

Damage in gate motors can be caused due to water, pests, and other items. The components like wires and transmitter may not function properly. An expert technician would look at the problem and resolve it that will help you gain peace of mind.

  • Power supply problems

At times, your automatic gates may not be getting the power supply due to the tripping of circuit breakers. You should check the condition of the circuit breaker and turn it on, if it is off due to power outages. If you fail to find out the root cause of this problem, it is best to call a professional who will resolve the issue at hand.

  • Light sensors not functioning properly

The dust or dirt coating on sensors may prevent them from detecting light. You would simply need to clean them off such that they respond properly to any light and help in proper functioning of automatic gates.

If you want to fix an automatic gate repair Miami issue that is beyond your capability to do it yourself then you should call an expert immediately. It is best to resolve the problem at its earliest as it is concerned with the safety and security of your home and family or your office.