While it is natural to get worried when an electric gate does not work. Whether it is a swing gate or an automatic gate, repairing them is not an easy task at all. It requires expert handling. This blog will give an insight into what is involved in repairing swing gates and automatic gates.

  • Improper installation of hinge

When you call a technician who is skilled in swing gate repair in Miami, he will check whether there is a proper installation of the hinge. Some automatic gates also have hinges and therefore it is essential that their hinges are checked and repaired.

  • Proper installation of gate tracks

Gate tracks have to be installed with a lot of precision. Even a little bit of fault will not let the automatic gate function properly. The telescopic mechanism in automatic gates will not function properly because of poorly installed gate tracks.

  • Improper design of automatic gate

An automatic gate that has been designed improperly will face problems. For instance, when the traffic flow is high, it may require a frequent use. It is probable that an automatic gate repair in Miami will require a complete overhaul.

  • Problem with the sensors of the gate

When there is no visible obstructions, a technician for swing gate repair in Miami will check the sensors or photo eyes. Proper cleaning of the sensors will often lead to the swing gate working efficiently. Any misalignment of the sensors will also be checked. If there is not a clear path between the sensors, it will not be possible for them to detect each other leading to malfunctioning.

  • Improper functioning of electrical components

An improper functioning of the electrical component may result in power outages and fluctuations. Power outages and fluctuations can cause your automatic gate to malfunction. Resetting the electrical components will be done by a technicians for automatic gate repair in Miami.


When you face problems in the functioning of a swing gate or an automatic gate, it is quite disheartening. But, technicians can repair them easily because they have the expertise in correcting the faults of electric gates.