What are the different repair services for automatic gates?

What are the different repair services for automatic gates?

Automated gates may require repair services, including gate motor repair in and around Miami. There are other services available for commercial gate repair in Miami. They include gate sensor repair, loop detector repair, and welding. In this blog, we will do a brief review of the services that are available in and around Miami for commercial gate repair.   

– Gate motor repair 

If you have to wait long for the gate to open, it is evident that the gate motor requires an urgent repair. And, in the worst case, when you have to manually open the automated gate, you need to contact a gate motor repair firm. 

– Gate sensor repair 

You can do certain things when the gate sensors are not working. First of all, you need to check whether there is a thick layer of dust on the sensors. Secondly, you must ensure that the gate sensors are correctly aligned. If these troubleshooting tips do not work, it is time to contact a commercial gate repair firm in Miami

– Loop Detector Repair

Loop detectors are a hi-tech device that works by detecting the change of frequency when there is an incoming car. There are settings available in a loop detector that allows a person to adjust the sensitivity. But, sometimes, the loop detector does not work according to the expectations. In that case, only a professional can resolve the issue. 

– Gate Wheels Repair 

Sliding automated gates have wheels that carry much of the weight. Wear and tear may require the wheels to be repaired. 

– Track Repair 

There are tracks on which the automated gates move. Disruption may occur if there is damage to the tracks. This will require professional help. 


Automated gates may require commercial gate repair service in Miami. While gate motor repair service in Miami is the most sought-after service, people also look for other services like gate sensor repair, gate wheels repair and track repair, among others.